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 ... The website "Le Petit Engi" moved (April 27nd 2008)

Thanks for mailing me the info. That's the kind of thing that wakes up deads.
The new url is http://lepetitengi-uk.phoenix-fr.org/

You'll also find it beneath the LINKS menu.
This website for AO engineers (and not only them) is now available in both english and french versions.

NOTE: for those who ask, i'm currently playing in the "Age of Conan" beta.
I'll be playing the special three prelaunch days since i got a preorder key.
And i'll prolly enter a new era of gaming in this funcom massive world.
Same nicks, same habits. Not sure about the server i'll be on due to the separation of the localisation versions.

-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... The Night Heart, again, and more... (June 2nd 2005)

Thanks to Jarv @ RK2 for the neat charts he provided.
Today's updates:
  • a lot of the night heart drops have been added
  • we can more than likely assume that TNH drops any 200+ symbiants
  • i'll stick to the current method in certifying each drop case after case
  • the previous post has been updated accordingly

  • Also added from normal pocket bosses:
  • from Shake (the slither one): QL 240 Effective Left Hand, Control Unit Aban
  • from Ushqa: QL 270 Cognizant Ear, Control Unit Aban
  • from Ushqa: QL 270 Cognizant Right Arm, Control Unit Aban

-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... The Night Hurts (May 22nd 2005)

I'm currently listing the symbiants dropped by TNH.
Well i always tried to do it but there was a complete lack of feedback in the matter. Even when i was at TNH, as a doc, i couldnt read the loot channel myself :) Damn, if i could code a php script to log it at that time...
For several weeks i received new informations along with website links and even charts. I also received complaints about this lack on AO Pocket and the way bots are doing a better job. Heh ! That's just what bots are for !

I updated the database for the following mobs: Taille Frees, Relief Teal and The Night Heart.
I also taken in consideration a very rich feedback about Control Symbiants on the AO forum.

To help in establishing a better source of information, i'll need feedback for the following items:
  • 270 Cognizant Right Wrist of Artillery Unit
  • 280 Alert Right Hand of Artillery Unit
  • 290 Conscious Eye of Artillery Unit
  • 290 Conscious Brain of Artillery Unit
  • 290 Conscious Chest of Artillery Unit
  • 290 Conscious Left Wrist of Artillery Unit
  • 300 Intelligent Brain of Artillery Unit
  • 250 Excited Left Hand of Control Unit
  • 270 Cognizant Waist of Control Unit
  • 290 Conscious Thigh of Control Unit
  • ... and every Extermination/Infantry/Support QL200+ dropped symbiants.
Who is dropping them ? Can you confirm it ?
Thank you.

feedback by mail
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... AODB.info became AOMAINFRAME.info (December 24th 2005)

Very sorry to have been so slow on this. My apologizes to all of you.
I'm currently patching the website about this minor issue.
If you still find some broken links about the former aodb.info website, tell me.

Greetings to David, Dirk and Jenae for the feedbacks lately.
Special /bow to Jayde. I was not aware about this change.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... AOPocket Mirroring: News (June 3rd 2005)

I apologize for my disappearance during the last couple of months.
I have been really RL busy and far far away from my computer and the web.
I received a lot of emails for supporting AO Pocket and to propose hosting solutions.
Shame on me, i didnt answer yet to all of these mails. But i'm going to do it. A lazy and busy mood didnt help.
I miss AO but i know i cant come back, i'm sure you understand the feeling.

Well, anyhow i think the idea of mirroring AO Pocket is not a bad idea at all finally.
For balancing and safety.

I do a list with the valid propositions i read and i contact you. Prolly two solutions may be retained. In Europe and in USA.
For me, what is important is the bandwidth and the access time from all the world.
And dont be afraid, AO Pocket will not disappear as long as "Anarchy Online" is alive.
I have a spare AO Pocket mirror running at this time, everything is under control.

Thank you for supporting AO Pocket and the amateur i am. Sincerely.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... Do you want to help maintaining AOPocket online ? (April 10th 2005)

AO Pocket may come to an end.
A few of you, fellow visitors, know than i moved on another mmorpg around christmas. Still updating the database, i connect like two times a month to the website for the duty operations. No major changes have occured since the last post in late of September. As you guess it, a website with a such pseudo-illimited bandwidth is rare. And without the help of Prist, the current webspace subscriber, i would never have it done. At the best peak activity moments, AOPocket uploaded 30 gigabytes of data toward your computers for a month. Prolly not what funcom is using for their forums, nor AODB and Auno.org, but a huge traffic anyway. A such structure does not exist in the free internet world.

If you have a web solution to offer, for sustaining AOPocket one or more new years, i will be glad to hear your comments. You have my email in the Feedback menu. Just click.

AO Pocket is mostly written in PHP4/PHP5 and need a mysql type database allowing for InnoDB structures. PHP does not need any extra extension installed. The total weight does not exceed 10 Megabytes.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... Skill Matcher fixed for Mozilla Firefox users ;) (27.09.04)

I'm a bit late to announce this fix as this is online for a few days yet.
Anyway, i hope you still have a great usage of it, and for the rest of the website aswell.
There is a new 240 control RA on Quake, and some new random QL30-40 symbs on Nesbaneb/Takheperu.

With AI, we got 80 users per hour on AOPocket instead of 120 before the launch.
This will ease the site response time, but we see there are a lot of people interesting in pocket boss still ;)
Well, have a nice day.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... New Features: The Skill Matcher & the Aban Unit Comparer (28.07.04)

New Database:
  - A new SQL DB has been put online on AOPocket. We can use better queries.
  - As a first proof, Prist our host (and now a web co-writer) presents to you a new feature.
  - On the right pane and also in Best Sets -> Skill Matcher, you can enter your stats.
  The site will show you a list of the best symbiants you can wear, from there you can display the PB list to kill and compare available aban units each other.

  - We are aware about a frame bug with Mozilla Firefox. The comparer is not working.
  - We are fixing it at the moment and we apologize during the time needed for the fix.
  - You may use Internet Explorer for a while. The comparer is working with IE.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

 ... New Tables & Fixes (09.07.04)

New Tables:
  - Added 5 tables in MISC -> AVAILABILITY about each aban unit and the availability of a symbiant at a given QL .
  - Added a full report in the DISPLAY ALL menu, showing found symbiants and undiscovered ones (610 on 1112 as i write this news)

Fixes & Changes:
  - Removed every bad url pointing to auno.org and aodb.info
  - Redirected every url to aodb.info for now. I will propose both DB browser sites soon.
  - Modified a dozen of symbiants from the wrong patch version
  - Changed a deprecated column in the MISC -> TREAT. REQ. table to reflect the Skill requirement of a symb at a given QL.
-[ Docgalaad ]-

  4KewlPack Software presents: iMatrix (30.04.04)

- You will find this excellent software in our links or by clicking on the logo just below:


   iMatrix is the new Implant/Symbiant Designer. It requires Microsoft Framework .NET but it worth it.
   Check the homepage at http://www.kewlpack.com/iMatrix.shtm for further details.

- No new symbiants discovered this week.
- The loot tables are still a work in progress. I hope you enjoy the first entries yet.

-[ Docgalaad ]-    

  4Complete CSV file (02.03.04)
You can download my complete CSV file (Coma Separated Values) here: Symbiants.CSV
Right-Click and Save as...

-[ Docgalaad ]-    

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